Powerful Prayer By The Virgin Mary To Ask For Protection From Angels


In 1864, in France, Our Lady appeared to a priest and taught her a powerful prayer to fight and defeat the powers of hell.
On January 13, 1864, Blessed Father Luis-Eduardo Cestac was suddenly struck by a ray of divine light. He saw demons scattered all over the earth, causing immense confusion. At the same time, he had a vision of the Virgin Mary.

Our Lady revealed to her that indeed the power of the demons had been unleashed throughout the world, and that more than ever it was necessary to pray to the Queen of Angels and ask her to send the legions of the holy angels to fight and defeat the powers of the hell.

“My Mother,” said the priest, “you are so kind, why do not you send these angels for yourselves without anyone asking you?”

“No,” replied the Blessed Virgin, ” prayer is a condition established by God Himself to obtain this grace .”

“Then, most holy Mother,” said the priest, “teach me how you want it to be asked of you!”

It was then that the Blessed Luís-Eduardo Cestac received the prayer “Augusta Queen of the skies”. “My first duty,” he said, “was to present this prayer to Monsignor La Croix, bishop of Bayonne, who deigned to approve it. Having fulfilled this duty, I had 500,000 copies printed, and I arranged for them to be distributed everywhere. (…) We should not forget that the first time we printed them, the printer came to break twice “.

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This prayer was indulged by Pope St. Pius X on July 8, 1908.

It is recommended that it be learned by heart:

Prayer revealed
to Blessed Father Louis-Edouard Cestac
(January 13, 1864)

Augusta Queen of Heaven, sovereign Master of the Angels,
You who, from the beginning, received from God
the power and mission to crush the head of Satan,
We humbly ask you,

Send your celestial legions so that,
under your orders, and by your power,
they persecute the demons, fighting them everywhere,
repressing their insolence, and casting them into the abyss.
Who is like God?

O Mother of kindness and tenderness,
You will always be our Love and our hope.
O Mother Divine,
Send the Holy Angels to defend us,
And repelled the cruel enemy away from us.

Holy Angels and Archangels,
Defend us and guard us.


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