[Powerful Video] This is the Evidence That Moses Parted the Red Sea


In the past, society has viewed religion and science to be two opposing forces. Fortunately, we’re learning they actually compliment each other, proving each other right. In fact, many religious scholars utilize scientific analysis to support evidence of biblical facts, like when researchers gathered to explore the Red Sea.

The Red Sea is a massive body of water once parted by Moses so the Israelites could safely escape the Egyptian army and make it to the promise land.

The story goes – once the Israelites crossed to safety the sea crashed upon the Egyptians who were following behind the Israelites leaving their artifacts to be found at the bottom of the Red Sea. Some believed if they found these artifacts it was undeniable proof that the Hand of God was at work.

So they decided to dive down to the ocean floor to look for the Egyptian artifacts. To there amazement scuba-divers found chariots, wheels, horse remains, and human bones laying at the bottom of the sea floor following the exact same path Moses was said to take.

What really appeared to bring some solid proof is the chariot wheels found in the sea contained four or six spokes, congruent with the structure of Egyptian chariot wheels during the time period in which the parting of the Red Sea took place.

If that is not enough evidence, shrunken horse hooves have also been found, despite the fact that horses do not live in the Sinai Peninsula these days in modern times. The scientific evidence is undeniable—the parting of the Red Sea, as told by the Bible, is 100 percent fact. These discoveries provide proof of the existence of a loving and almighty God.

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Take a look at the video below and WITNESS ALL THIS IN DETAIL for yourself.


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