Pray This Powerful Prayer To Heal Sadness


God wants us to be happy, and He is the source of true happiness.

The heart of man desires joy. We all want happiness, every family, every village aspires to happiness. Jesus came to bring joy to everyone and forever.

However, sometimes we experience sadness in our lives and we do not know how to face it. It seems that joy escapes us and there is nothing that can cheer us up. We exclaim like the psalmist: ” Why are you cast down, O my soul, and are you disturbed within me? Wait for God, because I have still praised Him. He is the salvation of my being! “(Psalm 42, 3)

We would like to be happy, praise the Lord, but it costs us a lot. Saint Francis de Sales says:

” The devil takes advantage of sadness to tempt the good ones, trying to make them sad in virtue, just as he tries to make the wicked rejoice in their sins. In the same way that it can only tempt us to do evil by making that evil seem attractive, it can only tempt us to turn away from goodness and get that good to lack attractiveness. He loves to see us sad and hopeless, because he is sad and hopeless for all eternity and would like the whole world to be like him . ” (Introduction to the devout life)

Knowing that God wants us to be happy and that sadness is a tool of the devil to lead us to sin, we must seek to fight it at all times.

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For this the Bible gives us a key: ” He who is sad, let him pray ” (James 5:13).

True joy comes from God, and we have to go in prayer asking him to help us restore our troubled heart. We share this prayer that can help you to heal the sadness that you are going through today:


“Lord Jesus, you know my sadness that drowns my heart and you know the origin of it. Today I stand before you and I ask you, Lord, to help me, because I can not continue like this.

I know that you call me to live in peace, with serenity, joy and joy, even in the midst of everyday difficulties. So today I ask you to put your blessed hands in the sores of my psyche that make me so sensitive to problems and free me from the tendency to sadness and melancholy that nests in me.

Today I ask you that your grace is restoring my history, in order not to live enslaved by the bitter memory of the painful events of the past. As they have passed, they no longer exist, I give you what happened and what the loved ones went through; lived and suffered for us.

I want to forgive and forgive, so that your joy begins to flow in me.

I give you the sorrows attached to the worries or fears of tomorrow. That morning has not arrived either, so it only exists in my imagination. Only today should I live and only today should I walk in your joy. Increase my confidence in you, so that my soul may grow in rejoicing. You are God and Lord of history and life, of our lives. That is why it takes my existence and that of the loved ones, with all our losses, with all our needs and that with the help of your powerful love the virtue of joy develops in us. Amen”.

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