Pray This Powerful Prayer By St. Peregrine For Healing Of Cancer


When cancer strikes, it can be a devastating blow not only physically, but also spiritually. It is a difficult cross to bear, one that God mysteriously allows in our fallen world.

However, during His short life on earth, Jesus healed many people who came to Him with sincere faith. Although we must always seek adequate medical attention for everything that afflicts us or our loved ones, God also wants us to draw closer to Him. One way to do this is through the intercession of the saints.

In particular, there is a saint famous for his powerful intercession and for healing those who suffer from cancer: St. Peregrine. Italian Saint of the fourteenth century, Pilgrim suffered from a cancerous infection in his leg, which was miraculously healed in life.

After his death, Peregrino was known as the patron saint of cancer patients and innumerable miracles have been attributed to his intercession.

Below is a prayer to St. Peregrine asking for his intercession for oneself or for a loved one suffering from cancer.

Oh, St. Peregrine, whom you call “The maker of wonders”, for the numerous miracles you get from God for all who turn to you. You who for many years suffered a cancerous disease that ate away at your tissues and destroyed the fibers of your being, that you had relief when all human resources did not give you hope. You who were favored seeing Jesus come down from the cross to heal your illness, ask God and the Blessed Virgin for the cure for these people whom I now entrust to you:

(Pause to silently evoke the names of the people for whom you pray)

Helped in this way by your powerful intercession, we will sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for his kindness and mercy.


The heavenly intercession of St. Peregrine has given him a reputation for doing wonders.

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  1. we all need very powerful prayer for who else unmarried drunkers and sex addicted people. Most of my frnds are in very danger situation please pray for them. They should realize it soon they should turn into father Jesus son pleasssss…

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