This is the Prayer Every Catholic Should Be Praying Right Now


“Set my life in order, my God”.

St. Thomas Aquinas’s Prayer for Wisdom

Grant me, merciful God, that I desire with zeal what you approve, that you seek it with prudence, that you recognize it in truth, that you fulfill it in perfection, to the praise and glory of Your name.

Put my order in my life, O my God, and let me know what You want me to do, and fulfill it as it is necessary and useful for my soul. May I come to You, Lord, by a safe and upright way; a path that will not deviate in prosperity or adversity, so that He may give thanks to you in the prosperous hours, and in the adverse times, to maintain patience, not allowing myself to be exalted by the first, nor to fall by the second.

May nothing rejoice or sadden me, except what leads me to You or separates Me from You. That I do not wish to please or fear to displease but to You. Whatever happens becomes contemptible in my eyes by Your cause, Lord, and everything that concerns You is dear to me, but You, my God, more than the rest. May I desire nothing outside of You.

Grant me, O Lord my God, an intelligence that knows You, a will that seeks You, a wisdom that finds You, a life that pleases You, a perseverance that awaits You with confidence and a trust that has you finally.

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Grant me to be tormented with Your pains by penitence, to seek on the way to Your benefits by grace, to enjoy Your joys especially in the country for glory. You who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.

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