From Saint Augustine To You: “God Heals All Diseases”


You will say that diseases are great; but the Doctor is bigger!

” God heals all your diseases ” (Ps 103: 3). Fear not, all diseases will be healed. You will say that they are great; but the Doctor is greater. For an all-powerful Physician there are no incurable diseases. Only let Him treat you, do not reject His hand; He knows what he has to do. Do not rejoice only when He acts softly; accept Him when He cuts. Accept the pain of the medicine, thinking of the health that will bring you.

Behold, my brethren, whatsoever men, in their diseases, endure to prolong life a few more days. […] You, at least, will not suffer from a doubtful result: He who promised you health can not be deceived. Why are doctors sometimes wrong? Because it was not they who created the body they treat. But God made your body, God made your soul. He knows how to recreate what he has created; he knows how to reform what he has formed. You just have to abandon yourself to your Doctor’s hands. … Suppose, therefore, these hands and ” bless my soul, O Lord, and forget none of its benefits. It is he who forgives your sins and heals all your diseases “(Ps 103: 2-3).

He who conceived you that you would never be sick, if you had wished to keep his precepts, will he not heal you? He who made the angels and who, when he re-creates you, will make you equal to them, will not heal you? He who made heaven and earth, who made you in his own image, will not heal you? (cf. Gn 1:26). He will heal you, but for this you must consent to be healed. He perfectly heals all the sick, but only if they will. […] Your health is Christ!

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Saint Augustine (354-430), in “Remarks to the Psalms – Ps 103,5-6”