This Priest Got Angry at Mass … and Something Wonderful Happened


Priests are also human

That Sunday I had woken up very happy to celebrate in the parish. I practically jumped out of bed to get ready and arrive early for my appointment with the Lord and his people. The Eucharist was very beautiful and finishing a ladies told me: “Father, can you confess us?”.

There were only three of them so I accepted … but then they began to arrive more and more and even more, without telling them how many people not to tell me exaggerated, but I got up three hours later, hungry, thirsty and wanting to rest for a while.

I was already very happy back to the seminary and a lady came to meet me, who asked me: “Are you the father, right? My father died yesterday and they are going to bury him today and I have not been able to find a priest. ” Inwardly I thought: “Lord, if you want me to work on your behalf today, I ask you only to give my stomach peace.”

I celebrated the Eucharist of Don Carlos, in peace rest, and decided to take a taxi to my house for breakfast and lay back a bit … although it seems that it is not tired, celebrate two Masses and confess three hours on an empty stomach is not as easy as it seems .

So quickly and with the illusion of a child I was getting ready to eat a sandwich … and as in slow motion a brother arrives and he says: “They are looking for you, the parish priest got sick and there is no one who celebrates mass of one …” He immediately left my human weakness and shone within me a claim to God: “But Lord, you’re seeing that I still do not have breakfast … I’ll gladly go but later, give me a little time … or better yet: send another priest”.

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It never ceases to amaze me how God is because, having just claimed him, I clearly heard him say to me: “On the day of your ordination you told me that you would completely surrender to me and my people … also go to this Mass, I have a surprise for you”.

I quickly bit into my sandwich and went to mass frankly angry , I set out on my way more out of obligation than desire.

But as soon as I entered the sacristy and my anger began to fall, some husbands approached to say to me: “Father, our daughter tried to take her life a month ago and we have made her come to mass, put her in your intentions please “(So this was the surprise, God had sent me to this Mass to speak to this daughter of his who was in such need ).

And it is that as a priest you realize that chance does not exist , God himself is the one who sets us on the road, it was wonderful because the gospel of that day was just for this girl : “Come to me all those who are afflicted and burdened and I will relieve them. ”

I went to the Eucharist convinced that it was God who had put me there; Before I started, I asked him before the Tabernacle to be He who spoke, not me, I reminded him that I was hungry and I was a little angry …

The celebration was full of anointing, I am convinced that it was Jesus himself who guided her, I do not know how to explain it, I am very deficient in spinning ideas, but the homily of that day came from God himself, until today he did not explain what What happened, the words of Jesus were comfort, caress, strength, courage …

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At the end of the Holy Mass, the spouses again approached, this time with the young woman crying and hugging me: ” Father, I needed so much to hear everything you said , I need so much of God’s help, I have moved so far away from Him. Now I just want to be in front of Him and ask Him to love me and help me move forward … “.

When the girl hugged me, I heard God’s whisper: “I needed you in this Eucharist, that’s why I made you come, I could not have done it without you”.

I love good Jesus and how he manages to get where they need him. The young woman who tried to commit suicide now is the most punctual in one mass, God changed her life .

And from that day, every time I feel tired or angry about overwork I think: “Go, give it, go to Mass and live it as your first and last Mass, God needs you”.

And it seems that God answers me: ” Calm down, go, I will celebrate in your place, lend me only your hands and your mouth …”.

I ask you for a special prayer for the priest of your parish, surely he will also go mad and without breakfast to mass sometime …
Father Sergio



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