What Should You Do When You Receive a ‘Satanic’ Rosary?


Throwing a “cursed” rosary should be the last thing you should do if you find out you have unfortunately been keeping one.

“We do not advise you to throw them away because maybe someone else will. I suggest to surrender them to your Priest’ said Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) assistant case officer Philippe de Guzman.
“Allow the priest to do the deliverance prayer and they will know the right thing to do.

De Guzman alerted the public to remain vigilant against these supposedly “cursed” rosaries being distributed by Satanic groups.

He said they learned about these cursed rosaries after a civilian surrendered a “Satanic rosary” in one of their stations in Novaliches, Quezon City.


De Guzman said the rosary that was surrendered was only given to the civilian. The case officer warned that cursed objects do not only come in the form of a “Satanic rosary” but also as cursed amulets or charms.

‘You also see the satanic rosary that inverted his cross, there is another pentagram that not only the satanic rosary holds they also have a charm with a demonic prayer attached on it, ” De Guzman said.

An exorcist had earlier warned against rosaries and other religious items that may have been “prayed over” by “Satanists” so that those who use or have them would be haunted by “evil spirits.” — Akari Nakano/MDM, GMA News

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