Do You Have A Rosary? Then This Powerful Message Is For You


A beautiful response to the thirst for peace, comfort and beauty.

In his Catholic Exchange column , Fr. Ed Broom, an Oblate priest of the Virgin Mary, gives an account of ten reasons for carrying out a devotion or Christian action. On this occasion, and taking as reference the Virgin’s insistence on praying the Rosary to the little shepherds of Fatima, Brother Ed shares ten reasons to pray this beautiful prayer, in a world thirsting for peace, comfort and beauty.

1. Our Lady told us to do it! If a mother repeats an order many times to her son, it is because, deep down in her heart, she knows very well that the order she is giving is of great importance. To the seers of Fatima he appeared six times, and the six asked them to pray the Rosary. But not just them, but asked us to pray for the salvation of the world.


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  1. God pray for my son he is sick give him power his health should ok he can eat fast help him in every situation God plz he is my one n only son I love him so much I always miss him amen

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