Receive these 12 Promises When you Pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.. Number 12 is the Greatest (WATCH NOW)


My Heart will expand to pour out in abundance the influences of His Divine Love upon those who give Him this divine honour

Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is evoked in two significant episodes of the Gospel:

  • the gesture of St. John, a beloved disciple, who puts his head on Jesus during the Last Supper (cf. Jn 13:23);
  • the moment when the soldier opens with a spear the side of Jesus crucified (cf. Jn 19,34).

In the first event, we see the solace of Christ on the eve of His death.

In the other, the suffering caused by the sins of mankind.

These two accounts of the Gospel prepare us for the call that Jesus made in 1675 to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque :

“Behold this Heart, which so loved men. I receive nothing but ingratitude, contempt, outrage, sacrilege, and indifference. Behold, I ask that the first Friday after the octave of the Blessed Sacrament (Corpus Christi) be dedicated to a special feast to honor My Heart, communing on this day, and giving it due reparation through an act of reparation for the indignities he received during the time he was exposed on the altars. I promise you that My Heart will expand to pour out in abundance the influences of His Divine Love upon those who will tax you this divine honor and seek that it be lent to you. “


In his apparition to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Jesus made 12 promises of His Sacred Heart.

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Are they:

1st Promise: “My blessing will remain on the houses where the image of My Sacred Heart is exposed and venerated” ;

2nd Promise: “I will give to the devotees of My Heart all the graces necessary to your state” ;

3rd Promise: “I will establish and preserve peace in their families” ;

4th Promise: “I will comfort you in all your afflictions” ;

5th Promise: “I will be a safe refuge in your life and especially at the time of your death” ;

6th Promise: “I will give abundant blessings on your labors and undertakings” ;

7th Promise: “Sinners will find, in my Heart, an inexhaustible source of mercy” ;

8th Promise: “The tibial souls will become fervent by the practice of this devotion” ;

9th Promise: “Fervent souls will rise in a short time to a high perfection” ;

10th Pledge: “I will give priests who practice this devotion especially the power to touch the most hardened hearts” ;

11th Promise: “The people who propagate this devotion will have their name inscribed forever in My Heart” ;

And the great Promise:

12th Promise: “To all those who communicate on the first Friday of nine consecutive months, I will give the grace of final perseverance and eternal salvation” .



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