Saint Jude Thaddeus: Intercedes for our Hopeless Goals


Saint Jude Thaddeus: Hopeless Goals

Whether people have one of the most common goals – such as improving finances, becoming healthier or finding a good job – or a unique one, many people feel that achieving their goals is a hopeless cause. They feel limited by their circumstances, the obstacles standing in their way or by lack of skills or support. But having healthy goals that seem hopeless isn’t a waste of time and energy. It just means that God’s direction and blessings for those goals is tremendously needed.

For people who are in such situations, they might want to call upon Saint Jude. One of Jesus’ original twelve Apostles, the loving saint – who was so devoted to Jesus that he embraced the crowns of purity and martyrdom – has sometimes been confused with the Apostle Judas, who betrayed Jesus.

His intercession for Danny Thomas inspired the actor to build St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in his honor. Because of his many intercessions, he is known as the “patron saint of hopeless causes.”  


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