Saint Matthew Pray For Our Finances


Saint Matthew: Improved Finances

In a world that is filled with debt, it’s no surprise that the goal of improving one’s finances is a common one. And this goal isn’t always about becoming wealthy. For many people, improving their finances will help them to maintain or to find safe shelter, and doing so will help them to provide life’s necessities for themselves and their families. Achieving this goal can also give many people the opportunity to give more generously to charity and to their churches.

One saint who can intercede for people who are experiencing financial difficulties is Saint Matthew. One of the twelve Apostles of Jesus, Saint Matthew was a tax collector for the Romans. The saint, who was the author of the first Gospel, was sitting at a tax booth when Jesus called him to become one of His Apostles. Without hesitation, St. Matthew followed Him, spread Christianity and was eventually martyred.


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