How Did St. Joseph Die?


His departure is considered the perfect example of “happy death”

Little is known about the life of St. Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus. He is mentioned only a few times in the Gospels and never said a word.

However, most biblical scholars believe that Joseph died before the crucifixion of Jesus. This is mainly due to the fact that he is not present at that moment in the life of his son. In the Gospel of John, Jesus entrusts his mother to someone who is not of the family (John 19:27).

Many traditions maintain that Joseph died in the arms or in the presence of Jesus and Mary. It is a beautiful image that led the Church to proclaim Joseph the patron saint of “happy death.”

There are countless accounts of that moment. One of them is that of the Venerable Mother Mary of Jesus of Ágreda. She wrote about the episode in “Mystic City of God.” His account is recorded as a private revelation.

“Then this man of God, turning to Christ our Lord, in deep reverence, wanted to kneel down before Him. But the sweetest Jesus came and took him into his arms, where, resting his head upon them, Joseph said, ‘My Lord and my God, Son of the eternal Father, the Creator and Redeemer of the World, give your blessing to your and the work of thy hand; forgive, O merciful king, the faults I have committed in your service. I exalt you and thank you eternally and sincerely for having, in your ineffable condescension, chosen me to be the husband of your true Mother …. ‘

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The Redeemer of the world gave him his blessing, saying: ‘My father, rest in peace and in the grace of the eternal Father and in mine; and may the prophets and saints who await you in heaven bring the joy of approaching your redemption. ‘

With these words of Jesus, the lucky St. Joseph died and the Lord closed his eyes. ”

No matter what happened, Joseph must have had a “happy death,” surrounded by his most loving wife and son in the entire universe.

Here is a brief prayer to Saint Joseph, asking for his intercession, so that our death can also be “happy.”

O BLESSED JOSEPH, that you surrender to the last breath in the arms of Jesus and Mary, make my soul give the last breath, praising and saying in spirit, if I can not say with words:

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul.” Amen

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