Touch the Heart of Jesus During with this Powerful Prayer and He Will Answer You Immediately


Fifth day

Preparatory Prayer:

Oh! Merciful Heart of Jesus, when I was in misfortune, your goodness enlightened me and offered me forgiveness, grant me the grace to mourn my sins and to desire your love.

Do not, O my Jesus, let me have pity on me.

The mercy that I ask of you is to communicate light and strength so that you may never be ungrateful again.


The Heart of Jesus, heaven of heavenly delights.

The Heart of Christ is an ocean where all the rivers of the Father’s charity flow, and from which flow all rivers of graces that sanctify souls, because in it all the riches of divine love are enclosed.

These infinite treasures of love and life are always at our disposal.


Sacred Heart of my Jesus, make me love you more and more.

Final Prayer:

Oh! God, that in the Heart of your Son, wounded by our sins, you deserve to lavish upon us the infinite treasures of love, we beseech you, rendering to him the precept of our devotion and piety, Repair. By the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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