Touch the Heart of Jesus During with this Powerful Prayer and He Will Answer You Immediately


Ninth day

Preparatory Prayer:

Oh! Heart of Jesus, faithful to those whom you call your love, how many times, after having promised to be all yours, I denied you my love.

I acknowledge my ingratitude and sincerely penalize myself.

Ignite my poor heart in the fire of that love in which yours is burned by me. Oh! Mary, mother of beautiful love, help me to love your Son Jesus.

Meditation :

The Heart of Jesus, the pledge of eternal life.

Just as the human heart is the motor of our physical life, so charity is the motor of our supernatural and eternal life.

Those who live in Love can not condemn themselves, because Love is the life of all who are truly children of God, in Christ and in the Holy Spirit.

We are God’s heirs and Christ’s bondmen. Amen. Hallelujah.


Sacred Heart of my Jesus, make me love you more and more.

Final Prayer:

Oh! God, that in the Heart of your Son, wounded by our sins, you deserve to lavish upon us the infinite treasures of love, we beseech you, rendering to him the precept of our devotion and piety, Repair. By the same Christ our Lord. Amen


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