If You Trust The Virgin Mary Then Speak To Her With This Powerful Prayer


“Thank you for being a mother who will never leave me…”

What better describes a mother than unconditional love for her children, her willingness to succor them, to lift them when they fall, guide them when they are losing their way? Do children always know, though, how to call out “Mama, help!” once they have grown? When we feel too big for a Mama, how do we come to Mary, our mother, and ask her to succor us, lift us, and guide us?

We could pray to Mary in these words: “Dear Mother, I surrender to you all that I am and have. I am called to give you my life. It doesn’t matter that I am broken. It doesn’t matter that I am wounded. My wound becomes a fissure that opens me. I don’t want to close the wound. I don’t want to seal the fissure.

Thank you, Mother, for loving me. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for walking at my side every step of the way. Thank you for being a mother who will never leave me in times of difficulty. Thank you for being my Mother.”

I can give everything when I know that there are arms waiting to hold me up.

Fr. José Kentenich once said, “In order to strengthen my childlike trust, I will be aware at all times that the Heavenly Father is all-powerful, good, and faithful. Our greatest concern must be to live each second infinitely unconcerned. This lack of worry is not born from an attitude of negligence, but from trust in God.

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We are not unconcerned because we disconnect from what is happening on the earth; no, we concern ourselves for earthly things in just measure, but behind our work shall always be the unmovable confidence expressed in the words: ‘Mater habebit curam’ — the Mother will take care of it.

I know it’s true. She will look after my life. And I want to learn to abandon myself, to let go of the reins, to leave aside what burdens and constrains me. I want that attitude of trust, to fix my gaze on she who sustains me on my way.

I want to learn to live like that, completely carefree, totally trusting in God’s plans.

I want to live believing, trusting, knowing that God walks at my side. I need to ask Jesus, “Increase my faith.” I will be happy if I believe. If I trust, I will be even happier. Like Mary, who believed beyond all hope; she believed, and was happy.

I look to Mary, who has believed. To her, who remained faithful, prostrate before her God. And she believed, and embraced God’s will with tears in her soul. “Blessed is she who believed.” And her life became full of hope.


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