Use These 3 Powerful Weapons Of St. Michael to Fight Against Evil


This archangel fights Satan with the challenge of his own name: Micha-el, meaning Who is like God?

With so much evil confronting us in seemingly every new piece of breaking news, here are three prayers to St. Michael the Archangel, the great archangel-antagonist of Satan.

Bishop Robert Barron recently described St. Michael the Archangel thus: “Michael is invariably depicted in the armor of a warrior, for he is the general of the angelic army that stood athwart the legions of Lucifer, who had dared to arrogate to himself the prerogatives of God. He fought, not with sword and spear, but with the unanswerable challenge of his own name: Micha-el (Who is like God?)”

In our battle against evil — that in ourselves and that in the world — let us call on these prayers.


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  1. God my family and I need you now more than ever. Please forgive our sins and have mercy on us. Help us in this most time of need and defend us against any evil. We love and adore you. Amen.

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