This Is What You Will Discover When You Pray The Rosary Today


Before I start praying, I say: “Mary, show me your Son”

The Rosary is a living prayer: it is like sitting at the table with Mary to talk about her Son. And then the more you pray it, the more you yearn for it, the more you do and the more you soften your soul.

It is like an instrument that the Virgin gives us to approach Christ, knowing how difficult it is for us to put the things of heaven close to us and how fundamental it is not to lose sight of their presence in our lives.

The Rosary is at the same time, the hand of Mary teaching us to draw Christ in our Heart. With this prayer in the form of meditation, we learn to contemplate the life of Christ, that is, to look at these scenes with the heart .

And then in the middle of it, questions and revelations arise: because Christ, because God, because the Holy Spirit, because the sacrifice, because of the pain … in which way each scene touches my life personally! The ultimate and final answer: the love of a Father for all humanity, love, always love …


Before I start praying, with the Rosary in my hands, I say: “Mary, show me your Son” , then she is herself as Mother who knows deeply her own Son, who takes me by the hands and unfolds all the Mystery of Christ in my heart.

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The Rosary is not a praise to Mary, she does not teach us about herself. In each ten we meditate a mystery about the Life of Christ, during these 10 accounts we think of a single mystery.

And we ask, we ask for everything we can think of, we have 50 accounts to ask for our needs and for the needs of the whole world, and she prays, prays for everything we ask, asks as a mother for her son, for our needs, pains and anguish!

We remember then some of these “scenes”: the angel’s announcement to Mary, the birth of the Child Jesus, the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, the Transfiguration, the Last Supper, the agony in the garden, the crucifixion, the resurrection, the coming of the Holy Spirit, etc. So much wealth in a bundle of pearls … discovering Christ is receiving the love of the Father .

When you pray the Rosary with devotion, think carefully that Mary is placing Christ in your hands.

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