If You’re Unemployed, This Powerful Rosary Prayer Is For You


When we are out of work, the mysteries of the rosary help to ease our pain and uncertainty, reminding us of the suffering of Christ.

In an article on Christian workplace practices, David Mills writes of a company that “recently fired a lot of employees on a Monday morning, giving them 15 minutes to clean their tables before they were thrown out building. A man had worked at the publisher for 20 years and was rewarded in this way. ”

The text has brought to mind this meditation of the rosary for those who have lost their jobs and are going through the difficult process of finding a new job.

Prayer has power . When everything is falling apart, prayer is sure. Any of us can suddenly be out of work, and looking for new job opportunities. At this point, there is a growing sense of helplessness that can truly affect both the ego and the spirit.

Once again, we see that the Mysteries of the Rosary, specifically the Sorrowful Mysteries, help us to identify with Christ and to join our sufferings to His, so that all may be one.

First Mystery:

Jesus in Gethsemane


Lord, I feel blocked and abandoned. Although I am surrounded by well-intentioned people, there is a feeling of isolation. The friends who promised me support are falling.

No one can imagine what I’m feeling now; I can not show how much I’m afraid of this uncertain path that stands before me. I just know it’s a path I would not choose. Only you, Christ, understand how I oscillate between trust and fear.

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As you pray the dozen, ponder over the desolation and fear of Jesus. His humanity here overshadows his own divinity; fear is brought to the surface, recognized and lived before trust and surrender are able to take possession.

Although you may be more frightened now than ever, you can bring this to Christ. He was also very scared. He is the conscious companion who understands you before you say any words.

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