15 Signs That Show Your Spiritual Being is Dead or Dieing


10. You use substances to escape from the real world.

As part of a soul death, you might find yourself reaching out for something to hold onto, or some outlet to escape into. Many people who drink or do drugs probably don’t recognize that their soul is crying out for attention, and their higher self is longing to be loved.

11. You find yourself questioning everything you thought you knew.

If you find that you’re second-guessing your beliefs, lifestyle, and everything about life in general, your soul might be in need of a new direction. Often, going through a soul death means leaving behind stagnant beliefs and ushering in a more open-minded viewpoint.

12. You long to have a purpose in your life.

We all search for a deeper meaning in life, but a soul death usually causes us to search a little harder. You might feel completely fed up with your current life, and long for one where you can wake up with excitement, knowing that the day ahead promises meaning and fulfillment.

If you feel this way, make sure to go with your gut and don’t second-guess yourself. The only way to fully awaken to our true selves is to leave behind what no longer serves us so we can step into our most authentic being.


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