15 Signs That Show Your Spiritual Being is Dead or Dieing


13. You feel you have no control over your life.

Even if you feel that you’ve found your purpose, you might feel unable to change your circumstances. You might not know which direction to turn, or how to turn your dreams into reality. You feel powerless to change your life, even though you want nothing more than to do so.

14. You feel that you don’t belong anywhere.

You want to belong somewhere but haven’t found your place yet. In times of soul death, we start to feel vulnerable and lost, and seek comfort and safety. Feeling this way requires us to take a long hard look at our souls in order to find out what we want the most, and find the courage to go after it. Once we follow our hearts, our souls will begin to come alive again, and we will feel part of something bigger.

15. You constantly feel tired.

Not just physically; mentally, too. You can’t quite pinpoint the cause, but you just know that your soul is tired, and no amount of sleep can cure it. The neverending drain of daily life is starting to wear on you, and your soul longs for an escape.

Final thoughts

Whether we realize it or not, we all go through many soul deaths and rebirths throughout our lives. Changing jobs, cities, and lives are all forms of soul death and rebirth, as you leave behind something that didn’t work for you any longer and embrace something that you hope will make you feel a little more whole.

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If you take away nothing else from this article, please remember this: life is too short to be unhappy, so if your soul needs a little rejuvenating, please listen to your heart and do what it longs for. You might lose parts of yourself in the process, but you will gain back so much more of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.

“Transformation is often more about unlearning than learning.” – Richard Rohr


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