These are the 21 Saints Every Catholic Should be Praying With Right Now!!


7. The Saint of your first confession

He or she probably helped you make a good first confession. And this Saint can continue to be a special helper in receiving God’s mercy.

8. The Saint of your first communion

This Saint rejoiced to see you receive the greatest gift: Christ Himself. Just like parents and sponsors celebrate their children’s first communion, so do the Saints who watch as their spiritual children receive the Eucharist on their feast day. A good person to pray with before receiving communion, or at Adoration.

9. A Saint of your career in general

If you’re a writer, St. Francis de Sales should be someone you pray with. Good ol’ St. Florian for the firefighters, and St. Matthew if you’re an accountant. As many of us struggle with keeping work in its proper place—not too much, not too little—the patron Saint of our work can be a big john baptist


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