Are These 5 Angels Caught on Camera Real? (Answers Revealed)


How do we ever know when we’re watching an online video and it’s claiming to show us “REAL” footage of Angels being caught on camera – if it’s really real or not?

Many times people are making these fake videos and pretending that it’s real for whatever reason while everyone else just wants to see real footage of what’s being claimed as real (such as Angels in this case). We want to hear from people who are honest, dependable and truly care about telling the truth.

SO THE QUESTION TODAY IS – are these 5 angels in the video below real angels caught on camera? – Truthfully, the most honest answer we can give you is… we can never be 100% sure. We have to watch just like everyone else does and make our own judgment calls. Because the truth is it’s all online videos. It could very easily be real or it could very easily be all computer generated.

Nevertheless, we’ve searched the internet quite extensively and in this video, below we have found what one YouTuber is claiming is 5 Angels flying and spotted in real life. And what we’d like you guys to do is take a look at the video below and share with us what you think.

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