7 Ways To Pray Without Ceasing And Still Get Time To Work


Occasional Music.

I generally listen to music only when I’m in the car, but I’m in the car about an hour every day. I might pop in a CD or call up a favorite sacred song on my phone and use that for some meditating-while-driving prayer. Or I might shut all that off and simply sing a song of praise. Usually I’m alone, so as long as God can stand listening to me, I’m good.

My mind never shuts down. There are all these moments that find a person randomly coming to mind, or I think about a specific reason for joy or sorrow, or I worry about something. I get ready to call someone, or I hang up the phone after an interesting conversation. I might read or hear some news. I might have to enter a meeting or prepare to write something. All those instances are opportunities to pray with gratitude or petition.


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