Beware, “Satanic Rosaries ” Are Now Spreading in the Philippines


If you’re fond receiving rosaries and other religious items as gifts or freebies, better think twice and examine the item you’re receiving because today Satanists spread cursed religious ornaments to haunt people receiving them. Know more about this scary revelation here:

Fr. Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi warned Catholics to be more vigilant and be extra careful when receiving rosaries especially this month where Catholics celebrate the birth month of the Virgin Mary. According to Fr. Legaspi, the said satanic rosaries are created by Illuminati in which rosaries have undergone rituals in order to entice bad spirits to the person owning it.

“Kapanalig listeners, be careful as the rosaries you might be using could actually be infested or cursed,” warned Fr. Legaspu during his interview with Novaliches’Radio Veritas.

Furthermore, according to Diocese of Novaliches Office of Exorcism (Libera Nox) assistant case officer Philippe De Guzman, the rosaries given away by Satanists have different features compared to the usual rosaries Catholics are using. Satanic rosaries have symbols that could either be a snake wrapped around the cross, a pentagram, and/or a sun with rays, an insignia of the Illuminati. However, the priest does not guarantee that all items free from these symbols are curse-free.

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On the other hand, Fr. Legaspi assured the public that the church can counter the curse or ritual performed by Satanist to the religious items. Demonic items can be blessed or exorcised depending on how intense the disturbance caused by the evil spirits to the household owning the item.
Not just a blessing, these items should be exorcised.

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“Not just an ordinary blessing where water is just sprinkled–as most priests commonly do–but to use the Catholic ritual…that would frighten the demon away,” Fr. Legaspi emphasized.

If you have a rosary or other religious items at home you’re not familiar where it originated or from whom do they came from, better send them to church and seek help to your parish priest to bless them.


Beware of satanic rosaries!

Publiée par Fr. Felmar Castrodes Fiel, SVD sur Lundi 4 septembre 2017

credit: healthstagram


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