How To Choose The Right Rosary For Effective Rosary and Powerful Prayers


1) Long rosary or short rosary?

The length of a rosary may matter to you. Typically, rosaries that have larger beads have a longer length, and smaller beads have a shorter length. Also, rosaries with chain links tend to be longer than corded rosaries. The shorter rosaries may be a little more difficult to count the prayers (that is, your fingers may have a harder time moving over the beads), however, the shorter length makes them much easier to tuck into pockets and other small spaces.

With longer rosaries you can pray without having to look down to make sure you don’t skip a bead; however, the longer ones (especially those with links between the beads) also tend to tangle more easily. If choosing a longer rosary, you may want to keep it in a rosary pouch or box to keep it from getting tangled.


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