How To Choose The Right Rosary For Effective Rosary and Powerful Prayers


5) Child or adult rosary? Man or woman?

When you’re choosing a rosary as a gift, be sure to choose one that takes into account who you’re giving it to. If you’re giving a rosary to a man, don’t choose a fancy one with jewelry-like beads. Choose a men’s rosary, usually with larger-sized brown or black beads.

The larger beads are better for a man’s large hands to manage, and the earth-tone colors are more masculine. If you’re giving a rosary to a child, choose a children’s rosary that is fun and colorful with smaller beads. Baby rosaries have bright, oversized beads ideal for a baby’s hands to grasp easily.

If you’re choosing a rosary for a mature woman, you might want to choose a beautiful, classic rosary with an ornate crucifix and centerpiece and elaborate beads. These kinds of feminine rosaries are simply stunning and become treasured heirlooms for the family. Also, many gift rosaries can be engraved with a personalized name to make it a special keepsake.

As a rosary connoisseur (I have way too many) I’ve noticed that I prefer the look and style of some rosaries over others. These not only remind me to pray, but they also make me want to pick them up and pray the rosary each time I see them—whether they’re in my car or on my bedside table. So, be sure to choose a rosary that you love (for whatever reason) in order to give yourself the best chance of praying the rosary daily, as Our Lady asked us to.

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The same goes for those to whom you may be gifting a rosary. If you put some thought into your choice, you may increase the likelihood of it being used regularly. When in doubt, ask your Guardian Angel for help in choosing the right one!

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