Your Guardian Angel Has Good News for You When You See These Signs


Angels are spiritual beings, which guide us. Although they have a much different frequency compared to humans, their guidance comes in the form of channeled messages, dreams, and directly receiving insight. Therefore, there are many signs which show us that the angels are around us and they are trying to contact us.

These signs may seem small and meaningless at the beginning, but over time they may increase in frequency and size.

These spiritual beings send us signs, which are a symbolic reminder of their love and support. Therefore, we present you some of the most common signs from the angels. You may start noticing these signs because you need some validation or answer to a question you may have asked, or they may serve to simply remind you your angels are with you.

7 Common Angel Signs


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  1. when i’m reading the messages, passages from your page, i always feel the love and embrace of God and the Angels guiding me. and. i’m sure that my husband passed away last. aug. 6 now is in the house of God. Thank you for the inspiring words. God bless you.

  2. I keep seeing these same numbers at least 15 times in 4 consecutive weeks 11:11. I’m wondering what it means ?

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