Here Are 5 Ways To Call On The Great Archangels In Times Of Need



Feeling absolutely ready to finally have what you want? The “I am ready” statement is a powerful trio of magical manifesting words! You can use this statement to ask your angels for help with just about anything, but it is especially useful when you are trying to create positive changes in your life. Here’s a sample phrase you can customize to meet your needs:

“Guardian Angels and Archangels (you can name the ones you want for help, I will cover which ones help with what later in this article), I am ready to create/embrace ______________________ for my highest good. Please help me bring this to life and I will follow your guidance. Thank you”

Be sure to keep your words positive and focus on what you want (not how you want to receive it). You can write or say any of these intentions once or twice, but do not nag (repeated invoking demonstrates doubt and a lack of faith which attracts negative energy). After you make your request for help, pay attention to ideas or opportunities that come to you and follow them; your angels be giving you information intuitively to help you create what you desire.


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