Here Are 5 Ways To Call On The Great Archangels In Times Of Need



Angels and Archangels are Divine spiritual beings of love and light; they really do not care about being named. All you really need to do to ask for help is, ASK! That being said, humans seem to love names and specificity, and the angels know it helps make us more faithful.

That is why there are names for our Guardian Angels and Archangels (along with specific purposes for Archangels); it helps humans create a stronger connection. You never need to name an Angel when asking for help, it will be up to you; do what feels for you, always.

Here is some information about which angels to call on for help:

Guardian Angels: Our Guardian Angels are all-purpose helpers and can give us guidance, healing, and support for anything we need; just ask. We each have a Primary Guardian Angel that is with us for our entire lifetime; more Angels may come and go as needed, depending what is happening in our lives, and you can always ask for more Angels to be around you for help and support.

You can ask your Primary Guardian Angel (and any others) for their name and they will bring you the information intuitively. The names are often very unique and will come to you, after asking, in the form of Angel Signs; so pay attention to names you hear or see repetitively after asking for the information. Once you know the name, you can use it for communication; or not, it’s up to you.

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