Here Are 5 Ways To Call On The Great Archangels In Times Of Need



Surrender is powerful. This is not the waving the white flag, giving up scenario we might think of when we hear that word. Surrender is faith; it is saying that you have faith in your higher self and your Angels (plus God or the Universe; whatever energy resonates for you) to work together for the best possible outcome; free of expectations and limitations.

This intention is awesome when you need help with communicating (even in situations of conflict), presenting, performing or any time nerves have you feeling out of sorts. The Angels can align you with your higher self for peace, help you recall the information you need and help you communicate so the interaction is successful, pleasant and for your highest good.

I use this technique before every single Angel Reading I do, my Facebook Live Angel Readings and whenever I am teaching a seminar (webinar) or presenting at a live event. It works like a charm, keeps me calm and has never failed to help me be successful. Here’s a sample phrase you can customize to meet your needs:

“Angels, Archangel Gabriel (who helps with communication) and Archangel Uriel (who helps us recall information) I completely surrender to you. Please connect me with my higher self and guide my speech words, and actions so the _______________________ interaction is a harmonious success for my highest good. Please help me remember what I need to say at the moments I need to say it. Please help connect everyone involved to their higher selves so that we all benefit positively from this experience. Thank you”

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