Reason Why the Virgin Mary is not Happy with Most Catholics Today


Myth: Catholics should pray a Rosary during Mass.
Truth: Because the Mass is the highest form of prayer, we should be fully present to what is happening during the Liturgy. Praying the Rosary at this time can be a distraction. It may be a comfort to hold a Rosary during Mass, but save praying it for before or after Mass.

Myth: There is only one way to pray the Rosary.
Truth: There are actually several forms of the Rosary! The Scriptural Rosary, the Patriotic Rosary, and the Rosary for Life are just a few examples. You can also use the beads of the Rosary to guide you in the Divine Mercy Chaplet.



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  1. Read the bible everyday… In the bible it is not written about to say rosary…
    In ten commandments and also in bible written..
    I am the lord your god there is no other god beside me… EXODUS chapter 20 verse 5 onwards…

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