Reason Why the Virgin Mary is not Happy with Most Catholics Today


Myth: The Rosary is superstitious magic.
Truth: There is no magic power in the Rosary. The power of the Rosary comes from God alone. There are graces that come to those who pray the Rosary, but we must guard our hearts against becoming superstitious. The Rosary is to serve as a reminder of God and His goodness.

Myth: The Rosary is not Biblical.
Truth: Look through the first chapter of the Gospel of Luke, and you will find the words of the Hail Mary throughout the passage. The twenty mysteries of the Rosary allow us to meditate on the entire life of Jesus as described in the Gospels.


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  1. Read the bible everyday… In the bible it is not written about to say rosary…
    In ten commandments and also in bible written..
    I am the lord your god there is no other god beside me… EXODUS chapter 20 verse 5 onwards…

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