Touch the Heart of Jesus During Lent with this Powerful Prayer and He Will Answer You Immediately


Sixth day

Preparatory Prayer:

Oh! Generous heart of Jesus, it is in your power to make my heart entirely yours.

Of myself I have nothing and I can do nothing, but you have given me a heart that can and will love you.

Do therefore, O my Jesus, that henceforth your holy will be the sole guidance of all my thoughts, desires, and deeds.


The Heart of Jesus, rich in virtues.

The Heart of Christ is a heart adorned with all virtues, innocence, humility, strength, meekness, wisdom …

Just read the Gospel to discover the virtues and graces of your Divine Heart.

Let us try to have in our lives every day the same feelings that animate and enrich this divine Heart.


Sacred Heart of my Jesus, make me love you more and more.

Final Prayer:

Oh! God, that in the Heart of your Son, wounded by our sins, you deserve to lavish upon us the infinite treasures of love, we beseech you, rendering to him the precept of our devotion and piety, Repair.

By the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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