Touch the Heart of Jesus During Lent with this Powerful Prayer and He Will Answer You Immediately



Preparatory Prayer:

Oh! Recognized heart of Jesus, I have always shown the creatures recognized, whereas only with you I have been an ingrate.

Dear Jesus, I now want to love you above all things and more than myself, the rest of my life, I want to employ you solely in loving you, O supreme good of my soul.

Make me know your holy will and I am ready for everything, with the help of your grace.


The Heart of Jesus, abyss of mercy.

It is enough to remember how Christ welcomed and treated sinners: the publicans, the paralytic, the Magdalene, the adulteress, the good thief, and so many others.

He himself said, “I came into this world to save sinners.”

This attitude of Christ inspires confidence and teaches us how to treat sinners.


Sacred Heart of my Jesus, make me love you more and more.

Final Prayer:

Oh! God, that in the Heart of your Son, wounded by our sins, you deserve to lavish upon us the infinite treasures of love, we beseech you, rendering to him the precept of our devotion and piety, Repair.

By the same Christ our Lord. Amen.


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