URGENT WARNING: God Shows This Man Judgement Day [FULL TESTIMONY]


When Roderickus Pickens went to sleep one night, little did he know that he would wake up and make a video that would become one of the most viral Christian videos of all time. While his description of his particular experience appears to be unique, visions of heaven, hell and Judgment Day are relatively common throughout the world and in all languages. While compelling, it is ultimately impossible to know if what Rod experienced during his sleep is a fevered dream or truly a foretaste of the future.

In versions of the Christian Bible, Judgment Day is described in Acts 17:31 as “a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth”. While this type of judgment may seem like a frightening concept, it is put forth in the Bible as an opportunity for all of humanity to atone for the sins of Adam and Eve and regain the prospect of eternal life (Genesis 2:15-17 and Romans 5:12). When viewed in that light, Judgment Day is simply a way to allow humans to fulfill their original purpose and continue living — in everlasting and perfect conditions.

In Rod’s version of the momentous day, his vision showed his spirit leaving his body with seeds within his chest before he joined a line waiting to be judged by God. Rod saw various souls being condemned to hell while waiting for his time to come. When his number was up, God questioned him about his forgiveness for a particular woman — questioning why the seeds of the past were still in Rod’s chest if he had fully forgiven her. The God figure then informed Rod that he was not forgiven because Rod failed to forgive others. God eventually sent Rod back to earth where he was tasked with sharing his story and the brief glimpse of heaven with others.

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True or not, this message of forgiveness, love and ultimately redemption has inspired millions of people throughout the world to live more positively and to freely love their fellow humans.


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