5 Famous People Who Died Soon After Mocking God


Every religion in the world teaches its believers to abide by the laws of the religion.
such laws include paying homage to their God or object of worship.

The Almighty God hates it when people who believe or do not believe in him mock or disrespect him. That’s why the bible says in Galatians 6:7 that Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

No matter how powerful, rich or famous you are as a human, it does it give you the right to think you are bigger than the almighty God so as to mock or challenge his authority.

These 5 famous and influential people mocked God and ended up cutting their lives short.


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  1. I know a Protestant in my place who mocked the Sacred heart of Jesus while seeing the image in a procession. He said that it is like a roasted pig. Few days later he just died.

  2. 10+ years ago, tere was a small newspaper in our area which mocked the Sacred Heart. One year later it went of business and has never been revived.

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