5 Famous People Who Died Soon After Mocking God


3. Thomas Andrews (Titanic Shipbuilder)

Thomas was inspired to build a great ship greater than any other during his time. After building the mighty and famous Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the ship would be. in reply to the question, Thomas said, ”Even God himself couldn’t sink the ship”. After that statement, the Titanic set sail and I believe you all know what happened to the ship and the number of people who lost their lives


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  1. I know a Protestant in my place who mocked the Sacred heart of Jesus while seeing the image in a procession. He said that it is like a roasted pig. Few days later he just died.

  2. 10+ years ago, tere was a small newspaper in our area which mocked the Sacred Heart. One year later it went of business and has never been revived.

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