Here are 28 Meatless Meals You Can Eat During Lent and How to Prepare Them


If you are looking for fabulous meatless meals to enjoy during the season of Lent or any time of the year, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve rounded up over 50 of our favorite and most popular family size and single-serving meatless meals.

Last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of the Season of Lent. Lent is the 40-day period (excluding Sundays) that precedes Easter. In the Catholic faith, many Catholics abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and on all Fridays during Lent.

Since Lent is here, I’ve pulled together over 50 of my favorite seafood and vegetarian recipes that my family loves that would be appropriate for Fridays during Lent, or any day of the year.

Life without meat can be hard. We barely ever go a day without some form of it, so I know it can be hard to figure out what to make on Fridays during Lent. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of my meatless meals. No more struggling with what to make.

Just pick a meal from the list and make it. There’s a great variety here, too, lots of seafood, pasta and lunch-friendly recipes.  And, most of them take 30 minutes or less.

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